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AWaKeNiN TrAnSfOrMaTIoN TranScEnDeNcE™

What is Cosmic Fusion™?
Cosmic Fusion™ was created to bring the 4th state - Turiya into every single soul that has come ready to be activated. They are whistle blowers and harbinger of the 5D+ (5+ Dimensional) Earth. The biggest movement out there that can, not only clear and heal Karmas but erase the Karmic Templates all together and free each SOUL to Transmigrate and Transcend the need to re-incarnate to learn the same old lessons over and again.

Cosmic Fusion™ Encodes, Activates, Initiates all consciousness upgrade from 3-4 Dimensional to 5 dimensional wave length by preparing each body to emit the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ - Multi Dimensional Holographic Healing. The most coveted thing about the Kosmic Absolute teachings is that they teach very clearly what is obsolete now.

The AwakenIN, Transformation and Transcendence workshop is segregated into three Stages:
1. AwakenIN Session (which is also called Session 0)

2. Transformation Sessions (These are a series of energetic upgrades i.e. Session 1 to 7)

3. Transcendence Sessions (These are advanced energetic upgrades i.e. Session 8 - 12, this session is available only to the core members of Cosmic Fusion right now and we aim to provide this worldwide towards the end of this year)

The AwakenIN session is a pre-requisite for the Transformation Sessions; likewise completion of the Transformation sessions is a pre-requisite for the Transcendence Sessions. AwakenIN & Transformation Sessions are conducted in a Two Day intensive programme.

All Transmissions, Activations and Initiations are effective and encompass positive, energetic change that sweeps over people like a wave.
People receive this energy easily and effortlessly.

All our Transmissions, Activations and Initiations are offered via Webinars; which are Powerfully experienced and felt by participants.